An English Teen,
Circumcised in the USA

by Riley Jericho

Home Alone

Once Daniels and his mom had driven away, Toby headed straight for his bedroom. Simon followed. The warm afternoon sun shone through the window, giving them the comfort of somewhere so much better than the hard floor of the tree house.

Eager with anticipation, Toby closed his bedroom door behind them, though even that was unnecessary. They didn't even need to whisper, and with what he had planned, that was probably just as well! Sometimes Si could be a bit over-cautious for his liking; always worried about who might be watching. Simon grinned. It looked like he had done the math, too, and had come to the same conclusion. They really did have the house to themselves for more time than they needed. The two of them got to make out in the bedroom a lot less frequently than either of them liked.

For several long moments, they made the most of a lazy, afternoon kiss. Disengaging for a moment, Simon crossed the room to go adjust the blinds—still needing need to be sure nobody watched them.

Toby followed. Still without rushing, making it last, he clasped Simon from behind as he stood by the window and ran his hands across a warm, flat stomach. His fingers went lower and grazed lightly to feel what he already knew would be there, and he felt Simon relax, leaning back into his cuddle.

"I haven't forgotten what you did this morning," Toby murmured, sounding husky even to himself. Provocatively, tooth-by-tooth, he lowered the zip on Simon's jeans. "I still owe you for that!"

Other than a hiss, Simon didn't bother resisting. It looked like he was just as ready as Toby for something that would use up the next twenty minutes or more.

"You have to admit, Daniels is alright though, isn't he?" Simon's voice was breathy as Toby snapped the button on his jeans, opening them up for what they both knew this would lead to.

"It was better than I thought it was going to be," Toby admitted, planting a kiss on Simon’s neck. "Thanks for coming."

With no time constraints, the getting there was part of the fun. He turned Simon in his arms. It had been far too long since they'd been free to do this in the comfort of his bedroom, and he planned to make the most of it! Lazily, they kissed again.

“We could do it, you know,” he murmured as he began to lift Simon's tee away from jeans already wrested loose and sagging around his butt.

“Do what?” Simon asked, though Toby suspected he knew exactly what he meant.

Again, Toby returned to nudge the idea he'd been pushing for the last week or so. His voice was softly intense. "You like guys are meant to..."

Simon pulled a face, though it wasn’t scornful in that sense. "I don't think so...come on...we're not ready for that! Your mom said we shouldn’t yet, and anyway, she might be back soon." He seemed to brush it off and a mischievous glint flashed in his eyes as he lifted the tee off himself. "What do you think the odds are they have a snog in the car?"

Toby pulled a face and jabbed him in the ribs. "Cheeky bastard! What do you think the odds are that you won't hold it for two minutes?"

The glint in Simon's eyes hardened. "Not that again!" he complained. “And anyway, last time you cheated!" However, his grousing wasn't enough to stop Toby easing his boyfriend’s jeans past his backside. He dropped them past his knees and Simon stepped out of them obediently.

Good boy!

Then Toby did a double take. "When the hell did you get them?" He stared at the orange of the EUROBOY boxers. The trendy low-rise briefs glowed in the sunlight that still eased through the blinds, and looked good enough to eat!

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Simon grinned, twisting and turning to display them, the damp spot over the stretched cotton indicating how excited he already was. With so much skin showing, their passion began—as they both knew it would—to escalate.

Toby made a quick mental snapshot of what was covering his boyfriend’s ass as he slipped the belt out of his own shorts. He knew that color would become part of some painting, even if only he and Simon ever saw it. Then he reached for the briefs and sniggered. "You are so in trouble!"

"So you say. But what was that you said earlier? That I'm a crap teacher?" Simon was in a combative mood, goading him and backing away. Then without warning, and in contrast their swaying movements up till them, Simon’s hands shot out. Rapidly, he grabbed at Toby’s loose-fitting shorts and, in one fell swoop, wrenched both them and his bright red boxers to the floor. Without hesitating, Simon grabbed at Toby’s wanger and started jerking it rapidly, squealing, "Learn fast, buddy!"

Toby yelped. "SHIT! That’s not fair!" He slapped away the hand and backed out of reach of the assault, kicking himself at being caught so easily—and literally—with his pants down! The game was on, and they chased each other around the room, giggling hysterically; Toby completely in the buff and unashamedly at full salute, and Simon hanging on to the waistband of his own tasty-looking orange boxers and resisting all attempts to get them off!

This was going to be fun!

The grappled and giggled. Both breathing hard, Toby finally managed to get a solid grip of both of Simon's wrists, snapping the possessive grip he had on those orange boxers. He was stronger than Simon, and heavier, but though his boyfriend’s face was as red from exertion as Toby's discarded underwear, Simon didn’t seem particularly daunted as he sniggered and taunted him. “Ya wanna dance now? That’s a bit girly isn’t it?” Humming some ridiculous waltz, Simon spun them round the room, the tantalizing orange always just out of reach. As agile as an antelope, he turned with each of Toby's lunges, all the time managing to keep his butt at a safe distance.

Then Toby found himself literally with his back to the wall.

"Now what are you going to do, big boy?" Catching his breath, Simon leered at Toby's towering stack and pressed his wrists against the wall. Sniggering, he made to bend down. “Hold still and I’ll suck you dry!”

Crap! If those lips got around his dick, Toby knew he was done for! In this state of excitement, he'd be pumping like a mini Super-Soaker in no time.  Rapidly, he pushed himself away from the wall.

"I'm gonna spank your fat white ass is what I'm gonna do! Unless you fancy something better?" Again, he couldn’t help letting Simon know he was ready for more than just a bit of horseplay…a lot more.

"Doing what?” Simon retorted. “Spanking your ass?" Again, his boyfriend laughed it off as they circled once again.

Toby hung tightly onto Simon's wrists. Simon continued trying to break the grip while they twisted and turned, spinning around each other, neither willing to back down. The truth was, as far as Toby was concerned, and in more ways than one, they were at an impasse and he had no free hands to break the deadlock.

He decided to think smart. There was more than one way for a hunter to catch his prey! With the bed right behind them, he promptly solved the dilemma by suddenly letting go of Si's wrists and pushing him backwards. Simon's eyes widened in surprise—probably because he had no idea if there was anything to catch his fall—and went flying over on his back.

Toby struck. “Now for that fat ass!" he gloated, and Simon squeaked as he rapidly got robbed of the hot orange he’d been hiding behind. The foreplay became even more raucous as they wrestled; grappling each other, both thoroughly enjoying the freedom to make as much noise as they wanted. Laughing turned to squealing as, bit-by-bit, Toby managed to force Simon over, turning him onto his stomach, leaving his cute backside available for a few well-placed stingers.

A great deal of begging later, he sat triumphant on Simon's legs and held him face down on the sheets, gripping his wrists as he lay across him. As their heavy breathing subsided, the struggling turned into submission and Toby stretched out over his boyfriend, enjoying the spoils of victory. He moved provocatively across Simon's back. Simon had stopped struggling, and Toby let go of his wrists as both anticipated it was time to move on.

"I'm going to milk you so bad," he breathed, nuzzling into his boyfriend's neck, nipping ever to lightly. Simon's unexpected boxers were within easy reach on the floor and Toby scooped them up. He slipped one leg over Simon's left wrist and began to twist until it gripped him tightly.

"Oh God!" Simon tried to wrench his hands away and squeeze out from under Toby. He pulled a face, though his tone remained high-strung. "Come on—not like that again!"

Toby wasn't having it this time. Simon was here for the full treatment, and his grousing didn’t stop the cotton being twisted tight. Once he’d got one hand done, the other was easier, and he forced it through the other leg of Simon's twisted boxers, completing the binding. Simon could protest all he liked, but there were no ifs or buts about it. They both knew how this would end.

Twisting his head, Simon muttered, “Bastard!”

Toby ignored it. Simon might cuss, but his tone was charged at the relentless onslaught.

"So…slow or fast?" Either way, he knew he was bringing Simon closer to that point where he could control him and make him shoot at will. Simon moaned into the bedding, worked up to the point where it sounded like he didn't seem to care either way.

"Slow then..." Toby said. He'd keep him going ‘til he begged! 

Remaining sitting on the back of Simon's legs, he reached forward to lift the outstretched boxer-manacled hands up and back, slipping them around the back of his own neck. Then he reached around Simon's chest. With both muscular arms, he began to lift him up and back. The weight of his body kept Simon's legs immovable.

"Oh shit..." Simon cursed as he came up. His face was flushed with inevitability and arousal as he was levered first onto his knees.

"Oh fuck…no!" Simon muttered as his torso twisted back. He batted his head from side to side. "Not like that! Come on! What if she comes back? Make it fast!"



"Too late! And I’m warning you, if you spunk too quick, I'm gonna keep jerking it until you scream!" They both knew Toby’s mom wasn't going save him.

Perfect. From experience, Toby knew Simon would do exactly what he wanted now.

"You know you can't hold out," he breathed. He kept pressing all his boyfriend’s buttons to keep him on the edge. "So don't even try..." He'd done it like this to Simon several times before, and they both knew how it had gone down on those occasions! Still sitting on the back of Simon's legs, he uncurled his own, stretching them out to get comfortable. It might take a while!

Then he began to lean right back, dropping onto the sheets and taking Simon with him. Simon got drawn out even further. Not so far that it was that uncomfortable for him, but Grace would have got quite a surprise if she'd walked in right then to discover them in this bizarre gymnastic-like position; even more if she'd seen Simon's straining pole pointing towards the ceiling!

"Oh fuck!" Simon's voice had a hint of delirium as Toby stretched him out to the max. He really was on the edge! 

At the same time, Toby was delighted at how responsive Simon was just then, demonstrating a delicious vulnerability that came with him being willing to be manipulated like this. To Toby, the idea of being completely out of control was overwhelmingly erotic! Simon might go on about how he didn’t like it, but the squirming body said otherwise.

He smirked with smug satisfaction. He'd brought his boyfriend a long way in the last few months. Simon had—for the most part—been willing. He’d complained at first, but he would grow to like it. Just as he had with Dillon. Today was just part of the journey, and soon he’d be begging to be released! It was an indication of just how willing he was right then, as Simon tilted his head all the way back, and hissed in pleasure as Toby kneaded the soft area beneath his nuts.

"We could make love if you want…you know…properly…" Toby's voice was breathless as he nudged again, using words he had hardly used before. "We could go real slow, just to get used to it. Don't you think we've been together long enough? I just wanna make you happy." He took a light hold of his boyfriend’s arousal to make the point.

"Maybe," Simon grunted. For once the usual noncommittal was less absolute as he tried to rock against Toby's grip. "But not just yet. We can talk about it later...then..." He broke off and drifted away.

Toby heartbeat rose a few notches. A maybe? A maybe could so easily become a yes, and he imagined their bodies interlocking. Suddenly, in his mind’s eye, something else surfaced; an image that he'd found himself frequently returning to during the last months. He'd even considered painting it. He found himself watching Ryan Alexis on that unbelievable day in the school restrooms. He'd been caught wearing a similar pair of EUROBOY boxers, too. Thinking about what kept Simon's hands firmly restrained brought it all flooding back.

When Toby joined the flash mob that gathered as the word got out that Alexis had been caught up in a Hang, he'd got there as fast as he could.  Alexis was the one guy—almost more than any other—that he would sell his soul to see naked. But unless you were on sports teams—and that was never going to happen for Toby—you rarely, if ever, got to see guys outside your own year in the showers.

Fuck, oh yes! Ryan Alexis was a must!

He had no idea what had brought it on, but Todd, Chris Parks, Landon and the rest of them had all decided that it was Alexis’ turn to be jizzed. He'd got there just as Ryan, already stripped to a pair of screeching hot, dark red boxer briefs and bellowing like a trapped bull, got latched on. Everybody knew the game, and Alexis would be played until they inevitably got him milked out across the floor. Delighted he hadn't missed a thing, Toby had bagged a good spot as the fun began.

Unbelievably, they'd shaved the guy. Shaved him completely smooth for fucks sake! It had left the poor bastard with a smooth, middle-school-like groin that had made Toby’s mouth drop and his dick fly up. He'd seen quite a few Hangs in the past, but nothing like this!

The spanking was a bit nasty, but from that point on, the rest hadn't disappointed as Alexis was teased with the band of his underwear that were the same EUROBOY brand that Simon had turned up wearing just that day.

And where the hell had Si got EUROBOY boxers? Luke?

 On that day in the restrooms, Toby hadn't been able tear his gaze away! That smooth groin was fucking hot, and in his fantasies since, it had been his hand that had brought that surprisingly small, yet incredibly compelling chub to life.

"Not too hard,” Simon muttered. “You know it hurts if you do too hard—” He squirmed uncomfortably as Toby, coming back to the present, realized he was pulling at Simon's shaft quite firmly as he mixed fantasy and reality. He frowned at the reminder of his boyfriend’s obstinate resolution not to be properly unhooded by the circumcision he was adamant Simon needed. It frustrated Toby, and it had ruined more than a few moments!

Locked over the top of him as he was just then, Si was perfectly positioned, but his tightened frame wriggled as he tried to get back into the zone again.

"Sorry," Toby murmured. He studied the inflexible shaft he was manipulating. The tight skin that always wedged around the top had been amusing at first, but now it just looked pig ugly! Didn’t Simon realize he would get a lot more pleasure out of it if he submitted to having himself doctored and cleanly cut back? He would probably find he could last longer too, and then they could have a lot more fun!

Maybe, like Si claimed, this stretching thing was working—though he couldn't see a difference—or maybe it wasn't, and never would. Either way, nothing could budge him from the determination to keep using that ridiculous pair of pliers to try to stretch his dick skin.

Why the hell couldn't he just go and get it trimmed back properly?

Toby tried to put it from his mind and get back to the job in hand. Subtly, he changed grip and technique, rolling the overly long skin and edging Simon until he began squirming for a different reason this time.

This was part of the game they played. Simon was going to be caught between a desperate need to squirt, and a determination not to give in to the compulsion. They both knew how it would end, but it was the when that was so unpredictable. At least for Simon. That would be when Toby decided; all controlled by what he secretly realized was his own personalized version of the Hang.

So who cared? It was just fantasy, and he wasn't hurting anybody, was he? Simon might complain, but he always enjoyed himself, and when he finally blew, it would be all over the place! They'd both be happy, so why did Si’s anguished complaining and begging matter?

The moaning increased, and he could tell Si was slipping back into the zone again. Telltale shudders and jerks were beginning to take his frame, and Toby wanted to prolong the torture; make him wait; make it last.

Again, the distracting fantasy took over.

Once more, he was in the restroom, with Alexis pinned over a couple of shoulders; an angry dog, cornered and persecuted by those who had mastered him. The banding sock had pushed forward his tackle, enhancing the image of a pitbull stud as they quickened the pace, well on the way to persuading him to unload. A thick flare of angry purple skin headed that small, yet powerful, slippery, shaft. His face was red with provocation, and everyone could tell it was getting close to the end of the road. Precum oozed out of him like a dripping tap as he became slick; primed for the discharge what was building. Impossibly, an ejaculation Toby never ever dreamed of seeing was just moments away. This is what everybody wanted—what Toby wanted—and a silence fell as they waited for it. In his mind’s eye, the stripped tennis fanatic wasn’t going to disappoint.

Hovering closer in his fabricated reality, Toby gazed into the face of Ryan Alexis, a face that was appalled by the realization he was about to succumb. Everyone was adamant they would never squirt if it was them, but they all did. Alexis was about to be no different. He could shout and struggle all he liked, but most knew his fate was sealed the moment they lifted him and began working his dick.

That’s what Simon needed! A shaft like that! Toby worked Simon with his hand, but the look didn’t even come close to that slightly small, yet powerfully impressive cock, that curved out from Alexis.

"Oooohhh...ssshhh…" A needful moan was ripped from Simon, and Toby could feel Simon clench his leg muscles. Shaking with tremors, the cuffed wrists strained to break free to gain some kind of control. "Ahhhhh..." The tone of Simon's voice suddenly became strident as he tried to hold it back.

You like that, do you? The tone was like a fire to Toby, and he desperately wanted to grab hold of his own dick and jerk himself off at the moment that Simon exploded. But with Si stretched over the top of him, he couldn’t get his hand there.

It wasn't fair. He needed it, too!

And he wanted more. Fantasizing over Alexis being jerked off wasn’t enough. Messing around with Simon was great, but that wasn’t enough either. He wanted the real thing. Driven by that need, he leaned forward, dropping Simon onto his stomach once again.

"Fuck..." With his boyfriend’s arms still locked by orange bonds around Toby’s neck, Simon grunted in surprise as he was manhandled.

So…who cared? Si needed to start getting used to the idea that there would be a few surprises from time to time! Underneath him, and with his hands still manacled up around the back of Toby's neck, Simon quickly got past being tipped on his face. Pushing with whatever purchase he could find, he rocked into the grip that Toby still had on him.

Abruptly, Toby closed that grip to stop any movement, eliciting a smothered mutter of disapproval. It was time to go to the next level and he poured all his intensity into his murmured plea.

"We’re ready for this. I know I am, and I think you are, too.” Right then, he suspected Simon would agree to anything. "I'm real slippery...I could just go in a bit. Just inside." He held his breath and moved his hand slightly, hoping Simon would read the message. You wanna cum? Then let me in.

"Fuck—" Simon's voice was a muffled moan that sounded caught by his own clamoring lust, "—okay, but just a bit. Don't go deep."


Trembling, Toby couldn’t believe that they were actually about to have sex! After years of waiting, daydreaming about other people, they were about to make love. He lowered himself fully onto his boyfriend while, underneath, still gripping Simon with a free hand, and began to move along the crevice between two tight cheeks, which quickly became slippery as his precum joined the damp skin. Simon was tentative at first, but slowly seemed to warm up to the idea that they were doing something good.

"Go slow," Simon grunted as Toby went back to pumping with deliberate pace. Simon’s partly obscured face was red and aroused as he squirmed, and he willingly spread his legs a little further.

With his spare hand Toby guided himself and felt it catch. Oh fuck…all he needed was a little pressure and he would be in.  It was all he could do not to juice on the spot!

He slowly increased the pressure, just enough to begin to press through the constriction—just a little, as he’d promised. It seemed to excite Simon, and Toby was rewarded by a fevered grunting and the feel of slimy semen in his hand as Simon abruptly emptied his jizz into the sheets.It was an unbelievable moment, better than anything Toby could have imagined, and it energized him and he pushed harder, suddenly slipping inside his boyfriend. He went in more easily than he expected, just his head at first, but he knew he had to go further and he pushed again.

Immediately, Simon whimpered, hissing, "Toby…stop! That hurts.” However, muffled by the bedding, it seemed distant to Toby; as it was further away than the other needs that had captured him, the importance of the cry didn't register.

The cry became angrily demanding. "I SAID STOP! What are you doing! STOP” Simon began to rise, pulling on Toby’s neck.

 Straight away, Toby froze, confused and trapped in a hiatus of indecision. The sound of Simon’s voice shocked him enough that his hand, still gripping the loose skin of Simon's shaft tightened, and he flared in anger. Angry at what, Toby wondered briefly? Angry at being yelled at? Angry that Simon let a stupid piece of skin come between them? Angry that he was being denied what they needed, and Toby wanted?

Perhaps all of them, but he stopped and tried to extract himself.

“STOP IT,” Simon begged, shouting this time. “I don’t want to!” However, Simon’s abrupt movement as he came up to his knees led to the exact opposite of what he was demanding as he forced Toby even deeper. At the same time, upset by the sudden change in emotions, Toby’s grip tightened and he yanked back hard on Simon as he struggled to rise. Simon yelped in pain and jerked back away from the abrupt unhooding of his glans, impaling himself further as he finally came to his knees.

It was all too much and Toby got pushed right to the edge. Images of Ryan Alexis, lifted up in the restroom, his legs splayed apart and now cresting to that moment of truth they were all waiting for, flashed like mini explosions across his distorted vision. The distinction between reality and fantasy blurred. He could still hear the cries as they’d compelled the guy to a fucking awesome climax. Ahhhhh….Unnnngg…UUNNNNGGGG! The shouts of involuntary pleasure had been as spectacular as the ropes of white jizz that had surged in spurts from that pulsing shaft.

It was a moment of no return and, wedged into his boyfriend, Toby couldn’t have held it back, even if he’d wanted. Letting go of Simon’s dick, he gripped him in a bear hug and hung on, grunting heavily as he emptied himself deep inside.

Suddenly it was all over. Simon tipped forward taking Toby with him, and, for what seemed like an age, they lay in heavy silence until both their breathing subsided. Toby slipped the bound wrists off from around the back of his neck. He pushed onto his knees trembling as he withdrew, and groaned, trying to give words to it.

“Si…I…” He stared at where he'd so recently been buried. A trickle of jizz slipped down from Simon's butt. Still filled with the elation of his own fulfillment, Toby looked for a way of making sense of it for Simon. Perhaps it wasn’t too bad? He’d only been in for a moment.

He tried to sound positive. "Si…you have to try that!" For the first time ever, he’d had proper sex with a guy—something he’d wanted for so long— and it had been mind-blowing!

Still Simon stayed motionless. Toby wondered if he hadn't heard him properly, so he tried again, his voice increasing in enthusiasm. "I know mom said we shouldn't, but it's up to us, isn't it?"

Slowly, Simon began to stir. His legs, awkwardly splayed, came together. His hands gripped the sheets and he pulled at the orange boxers, scraping his wrists out of the twisted material. Pushing them to one side, he remained prone in deathly silence.

"Si..." Bewildered by the lack of response, Toby frowned, baffled that there didn't seem to be the same powerful elation he'd just experienced. "Come on..."

Still nothing.

Toby was confused. This was stupid. "Simon!"

What he got back was a shudder that became sobbing. Dismayed, he quickly backtracked. He shuffled along the bed alongside the bare form of his boyfriend.

"Si... Are you okay?" He lay a tentative hand on his shoulder, caressing him gently. "Look, if I was a bit rough, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be."

A hand whipped up, sharp and fast, and smacked him away, and Simon hissed, "Leave me alone!" His voice was low and deadly, overcoming the sobs, and his eyes spat angry fire as he looked up at last. "Fucking bastard!"

Stung, Toby bristled, but he still tried to make his tone reasonable. "Look, I'm sorry okay. It wasn't my fault! I didn't plan it…you pushed yourself onto me...I couldn't help it!"

Ignoring him, Simon slowly levered himself up from the ruffled sheets. He held his hands across his groin, covering what he'd never covered before. Across the sheets where he'd lain, a sticky white mess indicated his own release.

Toby pounced on it. "You came, too, didn't you? It's what you wanted, wasn't it…inside you…” he added. “You said you did. We both wanted it!"

Mute, Simon eased across the bed to sit on the edge. He recovered his boxers, but remained clammed up as he straightened the twisted underwear. It was as he bent to shuffle them onto his legs that Toby saw that he was unhooded at last. His dick head looked a shiny red, the foreskin bunched up tightly just behind it. It was how it should be, and without the long dangling foreskin, appeared more normal at last.

That was a good thing, wasn't it?

A fierce satisfaction took him. "Look," he said, pointing and trying to sound upbeat. "It's come back now. We did it!"

But Simon's lips were tight, his face dull and Toby became uneasy. Was it really that bad? "Come on, don’t be like this," he pleaded. He stood and turned around, exposing his backside. "You can do it to me if you want. I don't mind!"

More quickly now, Simon dressed.

"Okay..." Trying to break the impasse, Toby switched track. "You're right. Perhaps we should get dressed." Quickly he pulled on his own boxers. "Do you want a drink or something?"

The reply was low and devoid of life. "What I want is to go."

Toby grimaced. "Don’t be stupid. Mom'll be back soon. What do I tell her?" He began to feel something important was slipping away. "Come on, don't go like this! At least we should talk about it."

Dressed now, Simon stopped at the door and said, "Tell her whatever you like."

Toby flinched. Even spitting anger would have been better than the dead, empty gaze that struck him.

"You're—" Simon's shook his head and turned away. "I don't want to talk to you...ever." Without another sound, he passed through the door.

Angry now at this fucking stupid unwillingness to work it out, Toby dragged on his tee and followed Simon out, shouting at him as he picked up his bike from the front porch. "Fuck off then, you shithead, if that's what you want!" He was seething now. "Run off home like a fucking baby as usual!"

Simon didn't answer, and Toby glared down the road as Simon cycled away. He went back in, slamming the front door behind himself.