This short story was originally published on Nifty in 2009 as the second thing I ever wrote. It was later picked up and published by Timmy on iomfats. JJJanicki has tidied up my apostrophes and punctuation while persuading me to take a risk and submit it to Awesome dude. If you are reading this then it wasn't rejected... Thank you Awesomedude.



The Boy and the Level

by Solsticeman


It was summer, and would last forever, at least at twelve it seemed that way.

We lived in a small village in the mining valleys of South Wales. Ours was the poor side of the street. The people opposite had front gardens. Our side was known as the Long-Row and had no front gardens although our set-back porch was a little posher than the plain front-doors of friends that lived in the even poorer side-streets.

This time last year I'd passed the 11-plus exam and last autumn I started at the posh grammar school two villages away. To get to school was a bus-ride and then a long walk from once side of the valley to the other.

All that isn't terribly important, but it does explain why I was a solitary figure as I stood in the sun. I was the only one to pass the exam well enough to be selected for my school. All my friends had continued to go to schools within the village. They looked on me now as an outsider. Going to the better school was quite something to have achieved, but it had left me very lonely!

So there I was; summer, a book (I visited the library twice at weekends... I did say I was lonely didn't I?) and a rug under my arm. Mam had made me a picnic for lunch and now the day was my own.

I walked up through the council houses, where my primary school friends used to live...

I mean they still lived there, its just they weren't friends anymore.

Right, at the secondary-modern school where most of them now studied (or mostly didn't) and on towards the Welfare. Back in the Depression, the Welfare had been exactly that, a make-work project for the local men. They had surrounded the area with a high metal fence and inside they built sports facilities, even a good bowling-green.

Anyway... beyond the Welfare there was open land with a nice pond or two and loads of bushes. You had to be careful of the bushes. Some of the thickets covered the tops of shafts 800 feet deep that had once helped to ventilate the mines. They had been covered over with timber when they weren't needed anymore, but the timber had rotted and local kids had a few near-misses before it became one of those things we all knew...

Like avoiding the owner's dog at the billiard-hall, we also avoided the bushes beyond the Welfare.

That didn't mean I couldn't sit "near" the bushes. As long as I could see solid ground I was OK. So that's where I had chosen my favorite place, a quiet corner amongst the bushes, shady and sunny, open and hidden.

In such a private place I could lay out my rug, and lie down to read.

Lately I'd added stripping to my underwear to the list. If you were as strait-laced as I then it felt wonderfully naughty to take your trousers off! It was nice to lie in the sun, my chest and shoulders were getting a nice tan.

I always ended off the afternoon with a long slow wank and for that I stripped off even my underwear... how naughty was that?

Where the sun didn't shine was also getting more of a tan... less of a snow-blindness white anyway.My tan there was coming along nicely! Little by little it was getting bigger and bigger!

I mean, anyone can wank in bed or at bath-time, and wanking in the bathroom at home is fun, and at school in the bogs is really horny... but totally naked, in the sun, out in the fields, hidden only by bushes... that was really something. My comings had been getting bigger each time.

The day was glorious, too hot to lie in the open sun for very long, birds in the sky singing their hearts out and corn-fields just beginning to turn gold.

It was totally peaceful, just a cow here and there. Through the gap in the bushes I could see the metal-gated end of the entrance to the level. I knew what a level was... It was where miners in olden times, working coal-seams close to the surface, drove a sloping roadway down towards the coal. Then they and the horse could just walk to work instead of the expensive winding gear that lowered modern miners in a cage. This one had been abandoned for half a century or more, at least...

That's what my mam and the old lady next door told me.

By mid-afternoon, I was tired of reading, and it was too hot in the sun, so I moved into the shade... and took my pants down. The feel of the warm breeze on my tummy and across the sensitive skin on the tip of my thing was delicious. I stretched out luxuriously and began to fondle myself... you know...

It was going well, I was stiff and was already quite excited (I knew from school-friends that you called it getting-excited). Then I had the feeling that I was no longer alone!

I looked around me and couldn't see anyone, so I shrugged to myself and went back to what I was doing, it was easy to not be distracted! Then something made me look up, and I realised that I had been right the first time... I wasn't alone!

There was a boy standing there looking at me round the bush that lay between me and the entrance to the level. He looked sad and worried, but what I was doing had obviously excited him because he had his hand down the front of his short trousers and was obviously playing with himself! Wow!

I waved to him, trying to be friendly... I didn't want to drive him away... I'd played like this with friends at school just before we broke up for the summer... it was fun and we only did it twice but that was enough for me not to want to blow this chance.

He came towards me and I could see that he had been crying.

Boys don't cry in a mining village!

I made a space for him on the rug and he sat down.

"What's the problem mate, can I help?"

"I've lost me butty..." and another big sob!

"Where did you lose him? how old is he?"

"Same as me, same as us... twelve I think.."

"Where did you lose him?"

"Round about here somewhere... I've spent ages looking for him and I'm tired... I want to go... but I can't go without him"... more sobs.

I really had no experience of boys crying... they didn't do it, so I didn't know how to handle it if they did.

I put an arm around him...

"I've some sandwiches left and some pop... are you hungry?"


He wolfed all the food and drink. He hadn't had a meal in ages.

His clothes were rough and dirty. He saw me looking at them...

"They're me working clothes. I've been searching the level... its dirty in there."

"Why do you think he's in there?"

"I've looked all over up here, and he's not here, so the mine's the only place left."

It all sounded a bit silly to me. His mate might be lost but wandering into the level was daft. The last time I looked there was a steel gate on it. I decided he was just paniced and needed calming.

I held him to me and his sobs subsided. Held him close to warm him up.

He began to calm down and the pressure of my hard cock against his bottom reminded me of what I'd been doing before he appeared.

"Did you like watching me... you know... playing with myself," I said in a rush.

He grinned, and his face lit up.

"Yeah, I do that too... good ennit!"

I took that as encouragement and slipped my hand into the baggy waist of his short trousers. He wasn't wearing any underwear and my hand made immediate contact with him.

"You're on the horn too..."

"Yeah, watching you abusing yourself was getting me on the horn like."

Abusing myself... maybe he was a Baptist or something. No-one I knew called it self-abuse anymore. I'd seen it in a book at the library so I knew what he meant, but...

This was a boy that needed dis-abusing... I smiled.

I wrapped my fingers around him and began to wank him gently. His breathing settled and he smiled at me.

"It'll be alright, we'll do this and then I'll help you look."

"Thanks... you're nice."

I undid the buttons on his braces and pulled his pants down. He was quite a big boy down there, and even had a lot of hair, more than mine anyway!

He reached across, his hand was cool and felt nice as he grasped me and started to wank me off.

"Mm thats nice..."

"Show you whats nicer..."

He leaned across and before I could comprehend what he planned he took my cock into his mouth.

He was good at it! It would be a good few years before I got sucked again, and only then would I realise that he really had been good at it.

"My God, where did you learn that? I've never..."

"The miners like it, if your hands are all covered in rock and coal-dust you know, its rough, but your mouth, well...."

Where had he been?

"Wow, let me..."

I leaned over and took him into my mouth in turn.

He sighed with pleasure and we got into a sort of 69, a soize as they called it at school, not that anyone ever did it! I didn't even know someone who claimed to know someone who... and that's rare!"

We got into a rhythm, and my breathing got excited. I could feel his stomach muscles jerking as I worked on him...

"Oh fuck, this is... Oh fuck... hey", he took a breath... "Can I?... Do you mind?..."

"What? just go for it, don't stop, for fucks sake don't stop!"

He misunderstood! I know now that he was asking permission to shoot his spunk into my mouth, but I was too excited to listen. So...

"Oh, Oh, Oh fuck..."

He jerked and jerked and then he unloaded the sweetest and coldest spunk I've ever known.

Realising what he had done and what it was that was filling my mouth was wonderfully dirty and perverse to my 12 year old mind. I completely lost it. My cock exploded all on its own. He coped well, he swallowed and swallowed the lot, until I stopped jerking.

"Fuck that was good..."


"Oh fuck! me butty... I should be looking for me butty..."

He was up and pulling up his trousers, his sweet little bottom winking at me as he ran.

"Wait, wait... I'll help!"

But he kept going, into the level.

I ran after him, into the blinding sun, but the level was locked and I couldn't follow.

I walked back to my rug, putting my shirt back on against the sun as I went.

When I got there... the sandwiches were still there...

and there my spunk was... all over my book!

Then I remembered ... the two boys lost into the airshaft in 1912...

They never found the second one.

They looked and looked, but they never found him!

Suddenly... in the brilliant sunshine... I felt terribly cold.