My Beloved
by Trab


“Uh, uh, uh…aaaaaahhhhhhh! That was totally awesome, my sweet lambkins.” I whispered, leaning over to kiss her wondrous ears, then gently ran my fingers through her long, lustrous, and naturally scented hair. “I don’t know when I’ve felt so good. I don’t know when you’ve felt so good. How was it for you, my sweet?”




“Bah? Surely not that bad, my sweet cuddly one.” Lovingly, I moved from behind lambkins. I prefer rear entry, and removed each set of handcuffs that held my sweetheart in position for me. After all, now that the job was done, I was sated. She had the freedom of the estate, until I next rounded up my “girl” for more sexual adventures.


Slowly she edged away, not making eye contact, just the way I desired, not totally sure if I was truly done. I waved her off, and she decided to relax in another part of our ornamental English garden. The gentle breeze ruffled her blond and slightly curly hair enticingly, making me want to call her back for more fun.


For some years I had been aware of my sexual orientation, lusting after boys, and later, men. I’m not sure if I’m pleased but the Christian Fellowship had finally been able to convince me that sex with men is an abomination under the eyes of God. With much effort, and if truth be known, some occasional setbacks, I weaned myself from gay sex. No more men for me (sigh). Now I only have relations with females. Mind you, I still lust for men, but since I don’t do “the act” with any, I’m no longer gay.


It was only recently that I discovered my precious. There is a select group of us who like to indulge in trading of an ‘unusual’ nature. I was making the rounds and spotted her, on display for all to see, leather harness, hood, and bindings holding her firmly in fully naked presentation position. She wasn’t the only one, and after checking out all the other delicious beauties offered up for inspection, I headed to the official “auction”, to bid on my dream. I couldn’t believe my luck, when I was able to outbid all the others, both masters and mistresses, from other nearby estates. I was in ecstasy as I led her out, still hooded, leashed, and naked in her leather straps.


It didn’t take me long to teach her that it’s my hand that feeds her, and that she is fully under my control at all times. They say blonds are dumb, but my sweet is only dumb in the traditional sense, as she can’t speak a word. Some serious experimentation, and we found out what was most pleasing for me. Although I respect the rights of my sex partners, there’s a limit to how far I will bend when I’ve paid good money. Anyway, I gave her the chance to voice her opinion, but I’m happy to say that a moan, a groan, a grunt and a bleat are exactly as much as I prefer from my female sex partners. The boys, on the other hand, were free to guide me with explicit directions that would maximize their own pleasures, and mine. No. NO. That was before. I’m no longer gay (sigh).


Well, tonight I have told you our story; the story of my love, my life, and my beloved. We truly are a great match, as I’m a great “pitcher” and she’s the best “catcher” ever, except for Rex…no. No. NO. I’m no longer gay.


Please everyone, let me introduce to you my one and only lover, April, ewe fools! And truly, I’m no longer gay!


©Trab       All Rights Reserved March 2007

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