Almost Straight

By Tyler Adams


Michelle loves Phillip. Phillip loves… Well, if love is measured by commitment, then it’s definitely Michelle. After all, Michelle is a girl.


No more drinking… No more drugs… No more running away because of hating his parents… No, when Phillip Johnson became a Christian five years ago, it seemed as though God instantly changed everything. Well… almost everything. There was still the one “biggie” left to work on, but he was sure God would eventually lift that burden from him too.


Asking his best college friend, Michelle Dade, to marry him was serious business. But, looking back over the past two years, it seemed pretty obvious that God was the one orchestrating it. If it hadn’t been for her noticing the way Phil’s eyes lit up whenever his tennis instructor, Elijah Cohen, was near, Michelle would have said yes before Phil even finished asking “the question.”  Instead, she’s decided on putting him to a little test first. Before she’ll agree to marry him, he must come face to face with the issue she suspects he’s been praying will just go away.


A coming of age tale; championing a young man’s awakening from ignorance, and marriage to the one he truly loves.






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